Nutrition Support In Corona Virus Infection

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We nourish our soul with nutrients provided through our daily food and food has very significant role in keeping us healthy and protected from infections. So, nutrition is having a great role in fighting this Covid war.

We need to know the good nutrition strategy to keep ourself healthy and fit.

To fight against Corona virus strengthening of our immune system is needed which can be achieved by the following measures:

  1. High Protein Diet is recommended as immune booster.

For normal healthy adult it is around 1.5 gm to 2 gm/Kilogram of body weight.

Sources – Processed Soya bean and its products, Egg, Lentils, Milk and Milk Products, Beans, Roasted Channa.

  1. Omega 3 Fatty acid has anti-inflammatory effects.

Sources- Flaxseed, Almonds, Walnut.

  1. Vitamin and antioxidants boost immune system.  Vitamin C is strongly suggested.

Sources- Lemon, Citrus Fruits and Vegetables, Amla, Pineapple, Green Mango etc.

  1. Add more natural colours and pigments through the Diet.

Tomato is good source of Lycopene, Green coriander, Mint, Mangoes are easy available.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink Plenty of water (3-4 Litre is recommended), Coconut water, fresh Juices, Soups and Buttermilk can also be included.
  2. Indian Spices also has significant antimicrobial effect. Add Turmeric Powder, black pepper, basil seeds in your daily diet.

Be nourished, be healthy.