Cardiac Services

Cardiology Hospital in Indore


The Department of Cardiac Services offers services to the patient community with unmatched quality in the entire healthcare industry which are at par with the international standards. Looking at the overall complex needs of the Cardiac patient, Choithram Hospital and Research Centre  has earned the privilege of being the pioneer in providing comprehensive cardiac treatment under one roof. The Department functions 24*7 with team of expert consultants and suitable support staff.

Cardiac Services

Our Patient Services

The Department of Cardiology offers the following services on all working days as a part of out patient services:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Echocardiography (Echo)
  • Tread Mill Test (TMT)
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • Thallium Stress Test
  • Contrast Echo

The following services are rendered with prior appointment:

  • Myocardial CT-PET Scan
  • Thallium Scan

Interventional Procedures

The Department of Cardiology performs the following interventional procedures:

  1. Angiography and Angioplasty from both radial and femoral routes on ultramodern Cath lab from Seimens’ Artees flat panel that reduces exposure to radiation to patient. Patients are usually discharged on same day.
  2. Pacemaker, ICD and CRT procedures under flouro guidance and local anaesthesia.
  3. Balloon Balvuloplasty for mitral valve, aortic valve and pulmonary valve
  4. ASD, PDA and VSD Device closure for adult and paediatric patients.
  5. Peripheral and Renal Angioplasties.
  6. Subclavian Brachial, renal, iliac and femoral angioplasties

Paediatric-Cardiac Services


The Department of Cardiology performs the following paediatric and cardiac procedures:

  • Cardiac, valvular and peripheral surgeries
  • CABG surgeries off pump
  • Total Arterial Grafts
  • MVR, AVR, ASD Closures through mini-thoracotomy and mini-sternotomy 


Cardiology Hospital in Indore



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