Cancer Hospital in Indore

Choithram Hospital and Research Centre is a pioneer in the entire Central India region in providing Oncology and Haematology services. Since its inception, the department has a distinguished track record of diagnosing, treating and managing patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. These services are manned by senior, well-trained specialists with years of experience. The Department of Oncology manages all kinds of cases comprehensively by providing several types of chemotherapy regimes, oncological surgeries, and radiotherapy services at an affordable cost. The department provides:

  • Chemotherapeutic treatment of all Haematological Malignancies such as Leukaemia and Lymphoma.
  • Treatment of solid tumours such as Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer.
  • Treatment of Aplastic Anaemia with ATG
  • Treatment of Bleeding disorders like ITP and Haemophilia.
  • Treatment of Haemolytic disorders like Thalassemia and AIH Anaemia.
  • Tumour board based management of cancer
  • Chemotherapy administration in daycare unit
  • Palliative care
  • Management of all solid tumours (Breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, HCC, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Bladder cancer, Prostate cancer, and Sarcoma)
  • Management of all malignant hematological conditions (Lymphoma, Leukemia & Multiple Myeloma)

Recent Developments in Oncology Practices Oncology Services in Choithram Hospital & Research Center

    • Multidisciplinary Treatment Decisions:

    Choithram Hospital has a team of specialists from various oncology desciplines, viz. Surgical Oncology (Gynaec, Head-Neck, GI & General), Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Hemato-Oncology and Oncopathology .

    All  the specialists discuss each patient for the best treatment option, available and possible, and then decide accordingly looking into best interests of the patients.

    • Precision Medicine:

    the future of medical oncology lies in precision medicine viz. immunotherapy and targeted therapies. These drugs are novel agents and act only on specific cells having cancer markers. Immunotherapy drugs act by mediating immune systems of patients. CHRC provides all facilities for administration of these therapies in well equipped, well ventilated day care as well as resident wards.

    These drugs have also improved cure as well as treatment tolerance in adult as well as pediatric patients.

    • Advanced, Minimally Invasive Oncosurgery with Function Preservation:

    Choithram Hospital has Site specific trained team of oncosurgeons. All kinds of comprehensive, minimally invasive onco-surgeries are done successfully in our Hospital. Extremely complicated surgeries like Video Assisted TORS, laparoscopic GI and Gynaec surgeries have been successfully done in our Hospital.

    • Supportive Care: 

    Cancer patients need comprehensive care and treatment of all cancer related symptoms. Choithram Hospital provides services to take care of these symptoms viz.

    Pain: One of the commonest symptom of cancer is pain. We provide specialised dedicated pain OPDs for advice and management of pain through both interventional and non-interventional procedures.

    Palliative Care: End stage cancer patients have a wide spectrum of symptoms depending on site of tumour. Palliative care comprises of management of these symptoms with least possible side effects.

    Psychological Care: Cancer patients go through a lot of psychological trauma during diagnosis treatment as well as followup. Our psychologists keep an eye on mental and psychological health of our patients throughout their course.

    Physiotherapy: Cancer patients require a lot of physiotherapy support due to the surgery and radiotherapy treatment they go through. CHRC provides a dedicated Onco-Physiotherapy unit for serving our patients.

    • Social Awareness:

     Early diagnosis is the key to cancer cure. CHRC conducts various educational and awareness programs in society for increasing awareness for cancers and their symptoms amongst masses. This is done through camps, multimedia channels, CMEs etc. These programs also help in creating awareness towards cancer causing habits viz. tobacco, alcohol etc.