Neuro Surgery

Neuro Surgery Hospital in indore

Neuro Surgery

Neuro Surgery Hospital in indore


The division of Neurosurgery provides prompt and continuous care. The department provides all types of neuro, brain and spine surgeries with minimally invasive spine surgeries, CVJ and anomaly surgeries. The department is equipped with all basic equipment such as the microscope, endoscopes, high-speed drill, stereotactic biopsy frame, HD Camera and minimally invasive spine set.


Brain Tumour Surgeries

We are operating on all types of brain tumours including camphorated and skull base tumours with the help of endoscopes and microscope using different carivial corridors.


Operating on cerebrovascular diseases likes aneurysm is one considerable strength of our department; We perform chip and coil aneurysms for chopping substantial microneurosurgical skill is needed along with the help of high-quality equipment

Atlantoaxial dislocation treatment

We have effectively treated patients of AAD with the newest techniques including fixation and reduction available titanium. We also have endoscope for Antero approaches

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

With the help of a tubular retracting system, we perform minimally invasive spine surgeries with internal decompression for lumbar canal stenosis. We also have a spinal endoscope for endoscopic approaches in lumbar as well as spine diseases. The patient recovers very fast and usually may be discharged within 3 days.

Stereotactic Biopsy

The department regularly performs stereotactic biopsy with a frame system for a brain tumour and other diseases that are carried out in local anaesthesia and the patient is usually discharged the same day.

Endoscopic Trans Spheroidal Surgery

Endoscopic Trans Spheroidal Surgery for pituitary tumour through the trans-nasal endoscopic approach using Storf endoscope and camera system with very good results and newest techniques.

Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy and VP Shunt

For hydrocephalus, ETV is an effective and minimally invasive procedure in which shunt implant is not required. The procedure is carried out with a single burr hole with Storf Ventriculoscope and Fogarty making an opening in the third ventricular floor. We also use shunt in patients who are not a candidate for ETV.




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