CH&RC transfusion medicine & blood bank is state of art department with latest equipments and technologies ,qualified doctor and paramedical staff; licensed by the DCGI & Deputy Drug Controller licensing authority.

Ch&rc blood bank is licensed for collection, storage and processing of whole blood, packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma,platelet concentrate, 

cryoprecipitate,as wel as platelet pheresis,plasma pheresis & leucopheresis.Blood bank is open 24×7.

Good manufacturing practices are followed in all areas including donor selection & phlebotomy

Daily, monthly quality controls are meticulously followed in various sections to maintain quality 

Proper patient blood management and principles of rational use of blood & blood 

components are being implemented,advocated & audited by the department 

from time to time .The blood bank is well equiped for plasma exchange as well as for peripheral blood stem cell harvesting.

The department is enrolled with the haemo vigilance programme of india & the external quality assesment scheme at CMC Vellore.

The Department of Transfusion Medicine is concerned with the transfusion of blood and blood components. It encompasses issues of blood donation, immunohematology and other laboratory testing, transfusion practices, therapeutic apheresis, stem cell collections, cellular therapy, and coagulation. Laboratory management and understanding of state and central regulations related to blood products are also a large part of the field. The department provides support for several other procedures and transplant programs.

Facilities :  


– Blood grouping

– Cross matching

– Direct coombs test (DCT)

– Indirect coombs test (ICT)

– Antenatal antibody screeninig

– Irregular antibody identification

– Pre & post transplant blood serum titre

– Resolution of blood group discrepencies

– Transfusion reaction workup.

 Components available :

– Whole blood

– Packed red blood cells

– Leucoreduced packed red blood cells 

– Fresh frozen plasma

– Random donor reduced platlet concentrate

– Cryoprecipitate

– Paediatric ( all components)

– Donor apharesis

  A. Platelet

  B. Plasma

 Therapeutic facilities

– Platelet rich plasma

– Therapeutic phlebotomy

– Therapeutic plasma exchange

– Peripheral blood stem cell collection


1. Blood Donation Centre 

The department has a blood donation centre where blood is collected from voluntary & replacement donors. Donors are counseled & adequately screened through questionnaires & physical health check up done before collection . State of art blood donor couches & blood collection equipments available.



2. Blood Component Production / Section 

Well designated blood component centre where leuco reduced packed RBC

cryoprecipitate fresh frozen plasma , platelet concentrate fully automated 

refrigerated centrifuge , automated component extractors & storage cabinets for 

all components are available in aseptic condition A state of art, walk –in-cold 

room available for efficient storage of blood where more than 1000 units can be 

stored .Leucodepletion facilities are available for packed rbc’s & platelets 



3. Apharesis Lab

State of art lab consisting of advanced cell separator ( Haemoneties mcs + cell Separators) which is used for selective collection of blood component (platelet & plasma ) of high quality & volume along with improved safety to donor & recepients therepeutic plasma exchange procedure are regularly carried out


4. Blood Safety :

Screening at CH & RC Blood Bank 

All the blood donor units collected in this blood bank are tested for HIV I & II

antibodies & antigen , hbs Ag , anti HCV , malaria & syphilis third & fourth 

generation ELISA techniques are used.



5. Immuno Haematology Labs :

Routine & special investigation pertaining to blood group serology & immuno 

haematology namely blood grouping , cross matching rh confirmation , direct & 

indirect coombs testing done by gel technology.