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Admission Process in Casualty

CHRC Casualty / Emergency Room is well equipped with state of the art modern technology and latest instruments  of medical field along with senior nursing staff and well Skilled critical care Doctors.

Patient Arrives in Casualty (From OPD / Outside)


 Initial Assessment Done in 3 mins


1. If  MLC case Patient Attender Sent to CMO for MLC          

2. Other Patients Registration.      

      Other Patients     

  • After Primary Evaluation Patient given initial treatment.

  • Concerned Consultant Informed and called to Casualty.

  • For Admission Attenders  sent to CMO counter &   Admitted Accordingly From Admission counter.

  • Patient Admitted & IPD no Generated, Patient shifted to particular Dept { Ward / Pvt/ Gen/ Icu/ OT /etc }.