Best Hospital in Indore

CHRC Casualty / Emergency Room is well equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology and the latest instruments of the medical field, along with senior nursing staff and well Skilled critical care Doctors.

Patient Arrives in Casualty (From OPD / Outside)


 Initial Assessment Done in 3 mins.


  1. If the MLC case Patient Attender Sent to CMO for MLC          
  2. Other Patients Registration.   

      Other Patients     

  • After Primary Evaluation Patient is given initial treatment.
  • The concerned Consultant Informed and called Casualty.
  • For Admission, Attenders sent to the CMO counter & Admitted Accordingly From the Admission counter.
  • Patient Admitted & IPD not Generated, Patient shifted to particular Dept { Ward / Pvt/ Gen/ Icu/ OT /etc.}.