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Brief Introduction-

Dietetics department at Choithram hospital is pioneer of the teaching learning process in the field and very well established.
Department has significant value at International as well as National grounds in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition.
A big team of Dietician with great experiences and good credentials is working at the hospital along with the academic prospective, they are efficiently providing practical training to the budding future dieticians and more than thousands of dieticians have been training from our institution.
Academia holds really very strong ground as many academic programs are available at this department, practical training, international fellowship program, dissertation work, short term training, regular internship, specialized training, RD Internship and so on.

Academic Activities-


The main purpose is to provide best training and prepare the future dieticians with the sound practical knowledge.

Why Practical Internship and training is important –
Practical learning is the most vital part of this profession and sometime mandatory to complete their post graduate curriculum as well.

Students of Nutrition and Dietetics science gain basic knowledge by learning theoretical aspects during their college curriculum and these internship programs builds their confidence in practical application of that knowledge here with us. It’s based on the Knowledge to action.

The continuous process of academic activities held at Department of Dietetics throughout the year, which includes regular CNE (Continuous Nutrition Education) Programs, Clinical nutrition case presentations by our RD Students and RD Trainers and fellow colleagues.
A wide range of training programs is available at Dietetics department and the below information will provide the detail descriptions of our programs


Short Description of courses

It’s an international fellowship program available through Interburns (International network of training education and research in burns)
This fellowship program is been developed under the capacity building for burns professionals and the aim is to train more and more burn team member for nutrition support services.
This program is a very unique training program as none of the institution across the globe is conducting such program, we have begun since 2014 and trained many country fellows through this fellowship program including, UK, GHANA, Nepal, Malawi, India. Total 12 fellows has been received training.

The application process is through Interburns website and interested candidates can fill and submit their application through email, the selection process is through Interburns core committee and a strong commitment from the applicant.
Who can apply- anyone who has strong commitment towards the burns management and specialized in the any field of burns multidiscipline (Dietician, Nutritionist, Nurses, Doctors and therapists) can send their application throughout the year

Duration- There is no fix duration for this fellowship program but we suggest at least one month duration to learn practical skills.
Course Includes-
This program is based on the practical posting, ward rounds, case presentation and a short research dissertation work in burns nutrition during this fellowship.
Program Lead-
Ms. Pratibha Sharma(Profile Link)


Brief description

Department of Dietetics, Choithram Hospital and Research Center is the only institute of Madhya Pradesh which has maximum seats (6) for Registered Dietician Internship accredited by RD board of Indian Dietetic Association.

Registered Dietician Internship is mandatory part to fulfil the eligibility criteria to write All India registration exam by IDA India. (It’sa competitive exam held annually).
It’s a six month exhaustive internship program based on the competency package by RD board .
Seats- 6 seats
Post graduate students of Nutrition and Dietetics with the valid degree from a UGC recognized University of India.
Application and admission process-
There is a short entrance test conducted by our department based on the basic knowledge of nutrition and dietetic science, which an individual applicant needs to pass to get the eligibility for admission at this Internship program.
Application can be email us at or personally submitted to department with all attested degree and marksheets.
RD Trainers –
1. Mrs. Poornima Bhale (HOD Dietetics Department, more than 30 years of professional experience)(Profile Link)
2. Mrs. Vibhuti Trivedi (Profile Link)
3. Ms. Pratibha Sharma (Profile Link)


Brief description

This internship is meant to fulfil the degree requirement and aims to provide the overview of practical application knowledge in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
Few weeks to few months. (Depending upon the institutional and candidate’s requirement)
Seats- UPTO 40
Undergraduate and postgraduate students of nutrition and dietetics.
Application and admission process-
A reference letter from the institution and an application from the candidate is required to obtain the admission under this program.
Important dates-any date is acceptable for this program.
Brief description-
This Internship program is meant to train more post graduate dietetic students where they learn and enhance their practical skills in depth under the supervision of their senior dieticians.
Minimum three months to six month and can be upto a year.
Upto 20.
Candidates holding the master’s degree and diploma is Nutrition and Dietetics from a recognized university.
Application and admission process-
Direct applications through email or inperson which includes their attested documents of degree and marksheets and a statement of purpose to enroll for this program.
Important dates-
Throughout the year.
Brief description-
Research is the most important part of best practices and learning and many universities have a separate module for dissertation work in graduate and post graduate levels in Nutrition and Dietetics.
We do accept students from various recognized universities, who wish to fulfil their dissertation work under our clinical nutrition supervisors.
As per their university or institutional requirement
Not fixed
Eligibility- UG and PG students of Nutrition and Dietetics

Application and admission process-
Send your completed application at