The Department of Anaesthesiology provides comprehensive anaesthesia services involving various super speciality surgeries and outpatient services. We also provide anaesthesia to specialities working outside the operation theatre (Remote Location Anaesthesia) for units like endoscopy, MRI, Cardiac Cath, etc.

Operation Theater

Brief Outline of the Department’s functions/ services/ diseases/ treatment:

Providing anaesthesia services to patients undergoing elective and emergency surgeries. Anaesthesia is given to patients of basic speciality and super speciality surgeries. Department is providing General anaesthesia, Regional and Central neuraxial nerve block.


Anaesthesia Care

Conducting cases of various specialities and super specialities, and providing comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care. This goal is achieved with the help of advanced anaesthesia machines and multipara monitors for both General Anaesthesia (GA) and cases under regional Anaesthesia. We are running eight operation theatres where Anaesthesia services are provided for routine as well as emergency surgeries.

Team Super Specialty Services

The Department of Anaesthesiology also provides super speciality services for Kidney Transplant, Cardiac Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Burns and Plastic Surgery. We also provide anaesthesia for the Department of Radiology and the Department of Gastroenterology.

Pain Services

The Department of Anaesthesiology provides pain services for both acute and chronic pain services with the provision of special pain clinics and the availability of pain specialists.

Anaesthesia Services

Providing General, Regional, Neuroaxial and nerve blocks to patients for various kinds of surgeries.

Pre Anaesthesia Care

Pre anaesthesia check-up carried out for all patients undergoing elective or emergency surgeries.

Pain care

Postoperative pain as well as labour analgesia provided as demanded by surgeons.


Monitored Anaesthesia Care provided inside OT or outside OT for an endoscopic procedure, CT / MRI and selected cases for Bronchoscopy. Also, patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures at the cath lab.