Department of Respiratory Medicine is one of the key departments of Choithram Hospital. Respiratory Medicine as a sub-specialty discipline in medicine is an integral and essential component of any healthcare system. Our department is a recognized centre of excellence in central India, achieving the best standards of patient care with compassion at an affordable cost.

The department runs a daily outpatient clinic and inpatient services, which include intensive care management of patients on ventilators and inwards. The department has many achievements to its credit. The department was amongst the first to start complete lung function test in central India and still holds the legacy of maintaining international standards

It is staffed with an excellent team comprising of expert Pulmonologists with high professional titles, Respiratory therapists & well-trained professional nurses. Respiratory diseases include diseases such as Allergy, bronchial asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), pulmonary infection, respiratory failure, sleep apnoea syndrome, Sarcoidosis, Lung Cancers, rare respiratory diseases and respiratory failure requiring NIV and Invasive ventilation


The Bronchoscopy & Interventional Pulmonology Lab

Bronchology section has a fibreoptic video bronchoscope for routine and ICU bronchoscopies. All bronchoscopic procedures like BAL, Biopsies, Brushings, TBLB and TBNA are performed. Newer therapeutic options available for patient care include- Rigid Bronchoscopy, Laser ablation, Debulking of tumors and fibrotic tracheal stenosis lysis with the help of electrocautery and CRE balloon dilatation, Silicone and metallic stent placements, Spigot placement, Intrabronchial Glue therapy. Pleural Ultrasound, Pleural Biopsies & Diagnostic Thoracoscopy & Thorocoscopic procedures such as talc pleurodesis and Pleur-X catheter insertion for malignant pleural effusion are also provided apart from routine. Thoracocentesis. Bronchoscopy procedures are also routinely done in various intensive care units of the hospital as and when the need arises.

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Equipped with the advanced technology with facilities to do spirometry, lung volumes diffusion and Plethysmography it is one of the busiest PFT labs in central India. Comprehensive lung function testing for patients of Asthma, COPD, Occupational Lung Diseases and ILD is done.

Sleep Disorder Lab

We offer Polysomnography test in a patient suspected of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or Central sleep apnoea. O.S.A is a disease which along with Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism are part of metabolic syndrome and is a causative factor for multiple diseases. The best way to diagnose is to perform sleep studies and prevent any serious complications including sudden death. We evaluate all such patients with our state-of-the-art inpatient sleep laboratory facility & provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach including Non-invasive measures like CPAP or BiPAP or even surgical corrections if needed.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services

A dedicated team of pulmonary physiotherapists is providing rehabilitation services for quick recovery and support to lead a normal life to all respiratory disorder patients.

Clinical services

IPD and OPD consultations
Pulmonary Function Laboratory testing & interpretation
Arterial blood gases
Check Bronchoscopy and Video-laryngoscopy
ICD placement
Interventional Pulmonary procedures viz BAL, TBNA, TBLB, Debulking of masses, Stent placement, Balloon bronchoplasty, Foreign body removal, Rigid bronchoscopy
Thoracoscopy for Pleural Diseases and Pleurodesis
Sleep Study Facility (inpatient)
Respiratory Critical Care
Pulmonary rehabilitation services
Non-Invasive Ventilation Services
The department plans to start speciality clinics like Smoking cessation clinic, Asthma & COPD clinic, Pulmonary hypertension, ILD clinic and Lung malignancy clinic in near future