Prevent Spread Of Corona Virus Through Mobile Phones

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Transmission of respiratory viruses including Corona virus occurs predominantly directly from person to person, followed by indirect transmission through contaminated surfaces. Mobile Phones may also play a role in the spread of pathogens from community to hospital as well as from hospital to community.

Respiratory viruses have been shown to persist on surfaces for a few days. If a person is infected with Corona virus, it is very likely their mobile phone will be contaminated. Mobile phones often provide a temperature-controlled environment that helps pathogens survive, as they are carried in pockets or handbags and are rarely switched off.

People touch their mobile phones on average for three hours every day, with super-users touching phones more than 5,000 times a day. Unlike hands, mobile devices are not regularly washed.

It is recommended that mobile phones and other touch screen devices should be decontaminated daily atleast 3 times daily, using a 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol spray or other disinfection method.

We should do this all the time, but particularly during a serious disease outbreak like the current COVID-19 pandemic.