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Dr. Vidhut Kumar Jain 

Senior Consultant in Cardiology 

Professional Summary

Dr.Vidhut kumar Jain has completed his M.B.B.S. from M G M Medical College, Indore and his M.D. in Medicine in year 1979 from Indore University, India.

Technical Skills

  • Pediatric cardiology 
  • Invasive Interventional cardiology 
  • Pacing and Echocardiography 
  • Echocardiography 

Scientific and Medical Societies Membership  

  1. Cardiological Society of India
  2. American college of cardiology
  3. Indian Academy of Echocardiography 
  4. American Heart association
  5. European Society of Cardiology
  6. Asia pacific society of Cardiology
  7. European Association of Echocardiography 
  8. Heart failure association of European Society of cardiology
  9. Indian college of intervention cardiology 
  10. EAPCR (Body of ESC)  
  11. EAPCI (Body of ESC) 
  12. WG-22Grown up Congenital Heart defect (Body of ESC)
  13. Heart Rhythm Society , NASPE former member1997 

Awards and Achievements

A. Recipient of award of American association of cardiologists of Indian origin (AACIO) 2011 


  • Society of cardiac angiograhy and Intervention 2014 FSCAI  
  • American College of Cardiology 2010 FACC  
  • European Society of Cardiology 2010 FESC  
  • Indian academy Echocardiography : Founder fellow 2000 FIAE  
  • Cardiological Society of India, : Founder fellow 2005 FCSI Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology, : Founder fellow 2007 FAPS 

Work Experience

  • Senior Registrar in Cardiology 1979 — 1983 Jaslok Hospital, Bombay, India  
  • Visiting fellow in Cardiology (4 months) 1985 Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK 


a. Faculty at TCT Asia Pacific 2009, 2010,2011.2012,2014, Seol South Korea 

b. Faculty, Speaker, Chairperson, Moderator at National CSI (Cardiological Society of India),NIC 

c. Conferences for last 25 years. 

d. Faculty, Speaker, Chairperson at Indian Academy of Echocardiography 10 years. 

e. Faculty International society of Cardiovascular ultrasound 2011,New Orleans, 2012 Chicago 2013  

f. Dallas, 2014 Sanfransisco 2018 Orlando,Confrences USA 

g. Speaker World congress on echocardiography 2011 Delhi, 2017 Jaipur. 


  • Teacher and coordinator for D.N.B. Medicine (Post gradute course in Medicine ) at CHRC,Indore 
  • Professor of Medicine, Devi Ahilya University ,Indore till 2005 


Published papers in peer reviewed journal 

  1. Jain VK, Mehta AB. Contrast two dimensional echocardiography in Tricuspid Valve incompetence Indian Heart. Journ 1983;49:23-28.Pubmed PMID 6852842 
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Text book Chapter 

  1. Jain Vidyut. Endothelial dysfunction:Text book Cardiolog,Cardiological society of India 2009.
  2. Jain Vidhut Pregnancy and heart diseases.TB Cardiology, Cardiological society of India 2011 
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  13. Jain Vidyut Dyslipidmeia in diabetes : Management strategy 2021 
  14. Jain Vidyut Management of Acute coronary syndrome in Covid 19 pandemic 2021 CSI 2021  

Abstract in Peer reviewed journal 

1.Jain Vidhut et al. Losartan in heart failure Indian. Heart J 1998; 12:133. 

Papers in other Journals, Miscellaneous 

  1. Jain VK, Mehta AB. Transposition of great arteries; Bulletin of Jaslok Hospital and research center, 1980;04:197-203. 
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