About Me:

Dr. Sunil Kumar Dube

Cardiothoracic vascular surgeon

Professional Summary

Dr.Sunil Dube has completed his Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) in year 1999 Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Indoreand M.S. in General Surgery in year 2003 from N.S.C.B. Medical College , Jabalpur. He then completed his M.Ch. in Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery from Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbaiin year 2006.  .

Scientific and Medical Societies Membership

    1. Association of Surgeons of India 
    2. IACTS 
    3. Madhya Pradesh Medical Council, India,  
    4. Maharashtra Medical Council, India,  

Work Experience  

  • Registrar in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery: 3 years (2003-2006)   
  • Worked as an Associate Consultant, Dept of CVTS in P.D.HInduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai from Sept’2006 to April 2008. 
  • Worked as Junior Consultant in CHL Apollo Hospital, Indore from July’2008 to Dec 2009. 
  •  Worked as Consultant at CHL Apollo Hospital, Indore and CHL Medical Centre, Ujjain from Dec 2009 to Oct 2010.. 
  • Worked as Honorary Consultant at Vishesh Hospital, Indore from 2011 – 2013and then from 2015- 2018. 
  • Worked as Honorary Consultant at  Synergy Hospital, Indore from 2013- 2015. 
  • Working as (Full-time) Consultant and Chief, CVTS at Choithram Hospital, Indore since Oct 2010 till yet. 


All my appointments since being a registrar in Surgery till date are teaching posts and I have duly satisfied all the teaching responsibilities as a part of my duties.  

These include: 

  1. Training of medical students, house officers and junior nursing staff by conducting bedside demonstrations, tutorials and supervision of weekly presentations.  
  2. Teaching House Officers, which include bedside demonstrations and supervision of basic trauma surgeries, clinical procedures and case presentations.  

 Arrangements of weekly seminars.  

  1. Conducted teaching wards round for house officers and interns.  
  2. Assisting and training House Officers for management of emergency and elective surgeries. 
  3. Taking classes of Physiotherapy and Nursing students at Choithram Hospital Indore since 2010.


>4000 Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic procedures  
Adult Cardiac & Vascular Surgeries  
  • Myocardial revascularization  
  • ( >90% Off-pump CABG,   
  • On-pump CABG,  
  • Redo CABG’s   
  • CABG with valve repairs/replacement/repair of post MI VSR ),  
  • Valve Replacement and Repairs   
  • ( Single/double/triple valve replacements) 
  • Pericardiectomies( through sternotomy / thoracotomy) 
  • Aortic root replacements, 
  • Ascending Aorta Replacement  
  • Bental’s Surgery  
  • Aortic aneurysm repairs ( Asc Aorta/ DTA/ Abd Aorta below Renal artery origin) 
  • surgeries for infective endocarditis( single/double valve repairs/ replacements ) 
  • Surgery for Cardiac tumors( Myxoma, Benign papillary cysts) 
  • Coarctation of Aorta, surgical repair ( End to end repair/ Bypass graft- Anatomical as well as extra -anatomical Ascending to Descending Aortic bypass) 
  • Aorto bifemoral, Ilio- Femoral, Fem- pop bypass surgery  
  • Axillo/ Carotido- brachial bypass surgeries 
  • Pulmonary thromboembolectomy  
  • Peripheral Thromboembolectomy (Upper limb / lower limb arteries with associated bypass grafts)  

Congenital heart surgeries- 

  • Repair of septal defects( ASD/ VSD)  
  • PDA ligation,  
  • Bi-directional cavopulmonary shunt ( Glenn shunt),  
  • Intracardiac repair for TOF/ DORV / TAPVC 
  • Modified BT stunts 
  • Fontan surgery   

Thoracic surgeries-   

  • Lobectomy  
  • Pneumonectomy 
  • Decortications 
  • Repairs of BPF( Broncho- pleural fistula’s) 
  • Excision of Hydatid cysts of lungs 
  • Excision of Mediastinal masses ( Thymoma/ Dermoid/ Neurilemmoma etc) 
  • Surgeries for Fibrocavitary lesion with fungal ball ( eg. Aspergilloma)  

Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgeries- 

(Since 2012) Done > 200 cases . 

  • Valve replacement ( MVR/ AVR/ DVR) 
  • ASD closure  
  • CABGs including multivessel grafting.  
  • Redo valve surgeries   

Organ transplant surgeries-  

Working as Consultant & Chief, CVTS at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore since October 2010. Choithram hospital is the first hospital in Central India to start Cardiology & Cardiac Surgeries. This is a pioneer centre for organ transplant in Indore, MP. We got tie up for Cardiac transplant programme with Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai. 

  • Actively involved in Heart retrieval in more than 12 heart donations from Indore 
  • Actively involved in most of the Green Corridors in the city’s organ donation  
  • Active backup member of hospital’s kidney transplant team ( >1000 Renal transplants completed at the Choithram Hospital, Indore ) 
  • In the backup team for Liver transplant (>13 successful Liver transplant completed at Choithram Hospital Indore, including Live liver transplant).