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Dr. Shobha Chamania


Professional Summary

Dr. Shobha Chamania has completed her M.B.B.S. in 1974 from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal and her
M.S. in General Surgery in 1978 from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal.

Area of Interest

  • Training of paramedical personnel in burn management Have organized two National Nurses training courses for Burns in 1993 and 2006.
  • Organised two national burn conferences in 1993 and 2006 and a National Laser work shop in 1996.
  • Conducted Essential burn care courses in India and Nepal, Bangladesh, African countries.
  • Advanced burn care courses in Nepal, Jinja, Uganda, Bangladesh, Indore and Ethiopia.

Burn prevention:

  • Conducted school education programs, give talks on radio, conduct awareness discussions among social groups, write articles in newspapers.
  • Conducted a public awareness rally by posters on the republic day.
  • Designed posters and slogans for safety and prevention.
  • Organized several poster competitions for children on burn prevention.
  • Organized an exhibition on safety with fire in Indore in 1993 for 3 days.

Burn prevention projects in community:

1. Barriers and play pens to prevent burns among children upto 4 years. Jan- June 2010.
2. Modified barriers in order to optimize the design for better social acceptability in collaboration with Rotary Club from Germany. August 2011.
3 Alternative illumination possibilities to remove the hazardous kerosene lamp from the homes to reduce burn incidence in the rural area, With collaboration from WHO, Nov 2011.
4.Co-founder of an International network for training , education, research and prevention of burns: INTERBURNS in 2005. Developed its website: www.interburns.org
5. Conducted the first Essential burn care course for the surgical trainees, Surgeons and family physicians in June 2007 and since then several in Bangladesh, Africa, in Assam, Jamshedpur. And Pondicherry.
6. Organised and participated in the instructors course for EBC, June 2007 and then onwards in several such seminars.
7. Committed to work towards making a difference in upgrading the burn care in the developing world through interburns, ISBI, WHO.
8. Started Interburns training center at Choithram hospital Indore. Started a fellowship program for training in burn care. Feb 2011
9.Started the first Skin Bank in the Central India, Feb 2011 in collaboration and support from the Dutch Burn Foundation. Have harvested >550 cadaver skin till now.
10. Started the burn survivor group in 2009.
11.Postgraduate teacher for the DNB surgery for last thirty one years.

Scientific And Medical Societies Membership:

A Founder secretary of the Indore chapter of Burns Association of India.
B.Honorary member of South African Burn Society.
C.Honorary member of the European Pediatric Burn Association.
D.President National Burns Academy India.
E.Founder President of Burn Care Foundation, Indore.
F.Co Founder, Interburns.
G Regional representative for SEA nominated by ISBI
H.President Assoc of Surgeons of Indore.
I.Director Interburns training center, Indore.

Awards and Orations:

  • Oration Nabicon, Bhimandas Bilwani, 2018.
  • Oration Phoolan Devi Gupta, Nabicon, 2007.
  • LNJP Professorship oration 2019, at NABICON.
  • Invited faculty at Skin Banking Symposium at PGI, Chandigarh, 2017
    Invited faculty at Sion Hospital Burn update, 2017.
  • Nabicon 2019 Prayagraj. Antibiotic stewardship in Burns.
    •Nabicon 2020: Burns Parliament: controversies in burns.
  • Nabicon 2022: Debate on role of splints in acute burns. Spoke for the motion.
  • Panel discussion moderator for nutrition in burns, Nabicon 2022.

Work Experience:

1.Registrar in General Surgery 1978-79, Jain Clinic Group of Hospital Bombay.
2.Senior Registrar in Surgery 1979-1981, Choithram hospital & Research Center, Indore.
3.Full time Consultant in Surgery 1981-1988, C.H.R.C. Indore.
4.Senior consultant in Surgery from 1988 till date, C.H.R.C. Indore.
5.Chief of Burns Unit, CHRC, Indore from 2000.
Founder Secretary of the Burns Assoc of India, Indore branch.
6.Founder President of Burn Care Foundation, Indore.
7.Director Interburns Training center, Indore, India, International network for training, education and research in Burns.
7.Past President of National Academy of Burns India.

Paper Presentation:

A.Papers presented in international conferences:

1.Enteral Nutrition in burns, at the 8th conference of ISBI, New Delhi 1990.
2.Effect of Nitrogen Laser on burn wounds, at the International Society of Lasers in medicine and Surgery at Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995.
3.Epidemiology of Pediatric Burns in Indore, at the International
Society of Surgery, Vienna 1999.
4.How we manage burns in India, at the 8th Biennial conf of South African society of Burns, at East London 2001.
5.Alternative therapies in wound healing, at the European club of Pediatric Burns, third world congress, Hong Kong 2002.
6.Global Challenges Regional solutions: Burn Care in India, at the European club of Pediatric Burns, third world congress, Hong Kong 2002.
7.Burn Care status in India: at first Army hospital, Beijing 2002
8.Epidemiology of burns in Indore. European club of Pediatric Burns, Cape Town, 2005
9.Low-cost burn care, poster presentation, ECPB 2005
10. Burn Care in India: Problems and challenges, Asia Pacific Burn conference, Shanghai, 2005
11.Conducted CME in Burns at Colombo, Sri Lanka 2006Presented:
12.Combating Shock in Burns
13.What is new in Burns
14.Multi drug resistant infection affecting outcomes in burns, ISBI 2006, Fortaleza, Brazil.
15.Burn Prevention in Indore, India. ISBI 2006, Brazil.
16. Global burden of Burn Injury, British Burn Association, 2007.
17.Pediatric Burn prevention in India, BBA, 2007.
18. Burn prevention activities by Interburns in India ISBI 2008, Montreal.
19.Pediatric Burn prevention intervention evaluation, a study in community of Indore. 2009, European club of Ped burns, Wales.
20.Interburns training Center, Indore, India. 2010, March, Dhaka, Bangladesh. At first meeting of BSBI.
21.Prevention of Burns, an Indian Perspective. 2010, March, BSBI, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
22.Paper on Indian women are not for burning at Turkey. ISBI 2010
23.Participated in Interburns training retreat at Jinja Uganda as faculty,
June 2010.
24. Interburns retreat at Bangladesh April 2011 as faculty.
25. Invited faculty at the international meeting of ECPB, Zurich, Switzerland, August 2011. Presented the burn prevention in childhood in LMICs and conducted a group discussion on same.
26.First National Burn Congress, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Oct 2011, as Faculty. Presented papers on Burn Prevention in Indore and Collagen dressing in burns.
27.Int soc of burn injuries, Bi annual conference 2014 Edinburgh UK:
Preventing flame burns by replacing LED and solar lamps for kerosene lamps in Malwa region.
28.Invited faculty at Pan African burn congress at Abidjan, Africa.
Presented Infection control practices at our hospital.2015.
29. Invited faculty to the United Nations conference at Qatar, Doha, 2016.Particpted in a panel discussion on preventing intentional burns in females in LMICs.
30. ISBI 2018, New Delhi. 7 years of Interburns fellowship program of Interburns training center, Indore.
31. Safety 2018 International conf organized by Trauma Assoc. of Bangkok and WHO: Participated in a session on experiences in preventing burn injuries.
32. Kathmandu Nepal 2018, Participated as a faculty in advanced burn care program for Surgeons and Plastic surgeons, 5 days.
33. Organised a 5 days advanced training program for burn team from Kabul, Afghanistan, 2018 in collaboration with Interburns and Children’s hospital, Zurich.
34. Delivered Dinosaur lecture at University Childrens Hospital, Zurich, Dept of Surgery, Nov 2019.
35. Invited faculty at Advanced burn care course at Adis Ababa, Ethiopia in March 2020. 5 days course.
36. Invited faculty at Bfirst, British Burn Association and BPRAS webinars in 2020-21: Burn prevention in India. Surgical interventions in Burns. Burn resuscitation. Frailty in burn care. Critical care in Burns.

B.Papers presented in National Burns conferences:

1. Management of hand burns.
2. Aggressive protein supplement in pediatric burn patients in achieving early wound closure.
3. Early excision and split skin grafting in deep dermal and third-degree burns, our experience.
4. Fresh harvested porcine skin: Various uses in burns.
5. Training of Paramedics in managing burns.
6. Wound management.
7. What is new in Burns?
8. ARDS Pathophysiology and management.
9. Invasive sepsis in Burns.
10. Inhalation injury Changing outcomes.
11. Epidemiology of burns
12. Multi organ failure in Burns
13. Problems in burn care: Surgery and wound care.
14. Nutrition in burns.
15. Combating shock.
16. Burn Prevention in Indore
17. Developing International network in Burns for training education and research
18. Post burn scar- pathophysiology and management
19. Fluid resuscitation in burns CME post APBC
20. Nutrition in Burns, Burn update, Baroda, Oct 09
21. Complications of Primary excision of burn wound- NABICON2010
22. Organised CME for 200 nurses, JIPMER, Pondicherry
23. Burn prevention Intervention evaluation, NABICON 2010.


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