Coronavirus Survivor

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If you are undergoing through 1st and 3rd trimester, you have to undergo various diagnostic tests, scans and vaccines in an alternative week or in a month, so prior to visit to the hospital make sure about doctor’s availability and facilities going on there.
Although COVID-19 virus till the time it does not appear to travel across the placenta from mother to cause infection of the fetus (published in ARCHIVES OF PATHOLOGY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE, CHINA.). Pregnancy lowers the immunity & pregnant women are prone to viral infections, so why not to be cautious against COVID-19?
Consult your doctor on phone and visit hospital only if there is an emergency.
If you have recently become a mother,
Sanitize your hands, before you touch your baby,
do not change the vaccination schedule without being advised by doctor.
“Stay at home, eat nutritiously, be healthy, because you love your child bigger than the world & sky”