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You Need Folic Acid Supplements before Pregnancy

What is Folic Acid

Folic Acid is Vit B9 also known as folate. Folic Acid is normally present in food that we consume daily

  • 1. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach
  • 2. Citrus fruits such as orange
  • 3. Beans
  • 4. Cereals
  • 5. Rice 

Folic Acid plays an important role in growth and development as well as tissue formation.
Though Folic Acid is present in dietary sources this amount is not sufficient to fulfill daily
the requirement of Folic Acid.

Why I need Folic Acid before Pregnancy

Fetal development takes place during the first three to four weeks of pregnancy. As folic acid is essential for growth and development so folic acid prevents birth defects in your unborn baby. Especially it prevents defects of brain and spine-like:

   1. Spina Bifida

   2. Neural tube defects

Other defects which may occur because of folic acid deficiency are:

   1. Cleft lip

   2. Cleft palate

Folic Acid is also required for the well-being of pregnancy and helps in preventing pregnancy complications like

  • 1. Miscarriage/Abortion
  • 2. Low birth weight baby
  • 3. Poor growth in the womb
  • 4. Premature birth

Though Folic Acid is present in dietary sources this is not sufficient to build up a level in the body that gives the most protection to your future baby against birth defects. Therefore before planning pregnancy women should have enough Folic Acid for her baby and that can be achieved by supplements of folic acid tablets.

How Much Folic Acid is needed

The recommended dose of Folic Acid is 400 mcg daily.

When To Start Folic Acid

It is recommended that Folic Acid should be started at least 3 months before planning a pregnancy but as most of the pregnancy is unplanned so usually, all the women of childbearing age should take Folic Acid supplementation.