The Department of Urology is one of the best of its kind in Central India. The Department offers various super speciality services. 


Management of Calculus & Diseases of Urinary Tract

Various treatment modalities and procedures undertaken at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre to ensure proper treatment of urinary stone are as follows:

  • Endo-urological procedures includes diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones. Urinary stones at different locations are treated through Endoscopic methods using fine endoscopes as well as intro corporeal / extra corporeal lithotripters.

  • Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy

  • Cystolithotripsy

  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy PCNL

Renal Cancer Surgery

Choithram Hospital & Research Centre is routinely treating Renal Cancers, bladder cancers such as Transitional Cell Carcinoma, cancer of testis, such as Seminomas, Teratomas etc and carcinoma of penis. CHRC has regular services of Hospital senior Urology consultants and Senior Cancer Surgeon who regularly operate the Renal Cancer patients. These patients once operated are treated as per International Cancer protocols

Urethral Stricture

This is the disease of Urethra and can occur in both male as well as females. Urethral strictures are mostly due to Trauma and Infection. Immediate expert opinion of the Urologist should be sought to prevent further complications. Both endoscopic as well as open surgery options are offered to Stricture patients. Till date CH&RC has successfully treated more than 1000 endoscopic urethral stricture patients as well as about 200 open uretheroplasties. 

Andrology and Male Infertility

Choithram Hospital and Research Centre is routinely treating male sexual problems and Erectile Dysfunction in patients. In extreme cases of erectile dysfunctions, penile implants are also implanted to male patients CHRC is only centre in entire State which regularly performs penile implants for patients. Till date CHRC has successfully conducted more than 25 penile implants with good results.

Enlarged Prostate and Male Voiding Dysfunctions

Choithram Hospital and Research Centre has successfully treated innumerable patients with Prostate enlargement which usually starts after the age of 50 years, under the effect of male hormones. In some cases it could be due to prostatic cancers as well. Both of these conditions cause difficulty in passing urine. These patients should seek expert opinion of the Urologist in the CHRC OPD.

Female Urinary Incontinence

Females are more prone to have urinary infection, which results to difficulty in voiding with increasing age or secondary to urological interventions. Such patients with voiding dysfunctions are routinely treated at CHRC and can consult the Urologist in the OPD. Special Transvaginal tape procedure is also routinely performed, an indigenous procedure performed at very economical cost.

Urodynamic Studies and Uro-flow Metry

This test is done in Urodynamic Lab in the West Wing OPD at Choithram Hospital, which is used to assess the functions of Lower Urinary Tract in male and female patients, Bladder dysfunction in Neurological disorders etc, to help in diagnosis and plan treatment strategies.

Paediatric Endo-Urology

Diagnosis and treatment of various disorders in children having diseases of bladder, kidneys & urinary genital tract such as Paediatric Endo-urologiscal procedures Posterior Urethral Valve Fulguration, Cystocscopy, Cysto-Lithotripsy etc.

Paediatric Congenital Disorders

Diagnosis and Treatment of all childhood disorder like undescended testes, Hypospadiasis, Paediatric Renal tumours etc.

Dietary Services

In view of compromised renal functions, a consultant Dietician is available for OPD/ IPD patients for giving specific dietary advice to Kidney-disease patients in order to avoid further common complications.