pediatrics services


The Department of Paediatric services comprises of the paediatrics unit and the paediatric surgery unit that work together to deliver high quality and affordable care to all patients. The department has one of the most advanced NICU and PICU alongside  speciality clinics and doctors to cater to many types of paediatric diseases. 

The Department of Paediatric Services has One of the top 20 (Level II b) NICUs of the country, fully equipped with incubators, ventilators, monitors & phototherapy machines. The Department also has a Well-equipped PICU ventilator care, central lines, TPN & pharesis peritoneal dialysis. 

The Department of Paediatric Services has a Child Psychologist to deal with IQ assessment and behavioural problems alongside a dedicated nutritionist to advise on nutritional needs of children and counselling of parents. 

The Deparment also has thalassemia Day care centre which arranges for comprehensive care of all Thalassemic patients



The development and disability clinic – Prayas, has a skilled team of a speech therapist, occupational therapist, special educators and physiotherapists. It provides complete assessment, treatment and guidance facilities for disabled children. It also acts as a follow up centre for high risks newborns. Special focus is given on early intervention and management of high risks babies. We have a well-developed, specialized Paediatric Surgery department which caters to new born and children. All types of surgeries including Paediatric Thoracoscopy, Endoscopy, and laparoscopy are routinely undertaken.


All high risk pregnancies are monitored and genetic sonograms are done. All paediatricians are involved in the antenatal management of high risk pregnancy. Newborn screening packages are available for detection of congenital diseases.