Ear Nose and Throat


The Department of Ear, Nose and Throat provides comprehensive care for all types of ear ailments along with audiology and speech therapy, cochlear implant surgery and post operative rehabilitation. The detailed list of our services is provided in the services section. 

Brief Outline of the Department’s functions/ services/ diseases/ treatment:

ENT Department deals with diagnosis and management of Ear, Nose, Throat and Head-Neck pathologies. This includes OPD, IPD and OT services. Department also deals with sub-speciality like Allergy Testing and Vertigo Evaluation.


    Ear, Nose and Throat offers the following services:

    • Laryngostroboscopy-with Storz Pulsar II
    • Diagnostic nasal endoscopy with Storz camera
    • Examination of ear under Zeiss microscope
    • Diagnostic video laryngoscopy with Storz camera
    • Audiometry - Sound proof chamber for Audiometry and Middle Ear Analysis
    • Otology
    • Cochlear implant
    • Rhinology
    • Endoscopic Sinonasal Procedures
    • Revision Endoscopic Surgery
    • Revision Endoscopic DCR with Rhinoburr
    • Endoscopic Adeniod Excision with LASER
    • Endoscopic Surgery for CSF Rhinorrhoea
    • Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
    • Endoscopic Optic Nerve Decompression
    • External & Endoscopic combined approach for Extensive Sinonasal Disease
    • Functional & Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Management of Nasobronchial Allergy
    • Laryngology & Head Neck Surgery Thyroid, Parathyroid, Salivary gland surgery
    • Thyroplasty & LASER Phonosurgery
    • Laryngeal Microdebrider for RRP
    • Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis release with 40 W LUMENIS LASER
    • Emergency management of Head & Neck trauma
    • Laryngotracheoplasty, Tracheal resection anastomosis for Laryngotracheal trauma
    • Surgery & Reconstruction for Head & Neck Cancer
    • Comprehensive management of Snoring & OSAS
    • Paediatric Otolaryngology & removal of congenital neck masses
    • Awake neonatal & paediatric airway and speech evaluation with Fibreoptic Laryngoscope
    • Removal of AeroDigestive foreign body track with optical instruments
  • Our dedicated ENT Operation Theatre is equipped with a whole array of sophisticated surgical equipments including:

    • Optical forceps for aero digestive foreign body removal
    • Paediatric Fibre Optic Laryngoscope for awake paediatric laryngoscopy or difficult intubations
    • HD Storz camera
    • XOMED Microdebrider
    • C02 Lumenis laser
    • Zeiss Microscope with laser micromanipulator & scanner with Acuspot and Acublade Technology
    • Storz Havaz operating laryngoscope
    • Storz Sinufit operating instruments
    • Lumenis Co2 Laser with Acuspot Technology for stapedotomy
    • Rhinoburr for Endoscopic DCR
    • LED and XENON white light source
  • The Out Patient Services Room is equipped with the following equipments:

    •  Storz Pulsar II Videostroboscope with 21 inch Medical grade Sony LCD Monitor,
    • Storz camera
    •  Storz Light cable & Light source.
    •  Voice lab
    •  Diagnostic nasal endoscopy and digital archiving using Storz Endocamera with a range of Storz Endscopes.
    • Zeiss operating microscope 
  • Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy

  • Karl Storz 0 degree endoscope with light source used 4% xylocaine with adrenaline used for topical anaesthesia with  decongestion.

  • Stroboscopy

  • Karl Storz 70 degree scope used. 10% xylocaine spray used for topical anaesthesia for evaluation of voice disorders.

  • Examination under Microscope

    1. Zeiss PICO Microscope used for diagnosis of ear pathologies.
  • Allergy Testing

  • Stallergo allergy testing skin prick tests used for diagnosis of allergy.

  • Vertigo evaluation

  • Cyclops balance eye machine used for evaluation of balance disorders.