Obstretics and Gynaecology


Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is a self-contained department with a separate OT, labour room and 50-bedded ward, with an obstetric ICU. A team of consultants who are luminaries in their field are present 24/7, ably supported by registrars and housemen.


    Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology offers the following services, facilities and medical procedures Endoscopic Laparososcopy:

    • Endoscopic Hysteroscopy

    • Thermachoice Balloon therapy for DUB

    • Colposocopy for early cancer detection

    • PAP Smear

    • Uro-Gynaecology surgery

    • Sonosalpingo-graphy

    • Painless Labour 

    • Interventional Sonography

    • Uterine Artery Emolization

    • Fallopian tube re-canalization

    • Special Clinics for High-risk pregnancy, Infertility, Adolescent, Family planning and Menopause

    • Antenatal unit is well equipped with modern gadgets for monitoring mother and foetus in most effective manner. 

    • Labour room has been provided with Cardio-tocography machine, conventional and colour Doppler sonography, transport incubator [to transfer the high risk and premature babies to nursery].

    • HSG, Hysteroscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy and USG guided invasive procedures 

    • CHRC is the only hospital in central India having YAG LASER for laproscopic surgery and CO2 LASER for cervical lesions.

    • Thermachoice Uterine Balloon Therapy a minimally invasive technique, done on OPD basis in CHRC for menorrhagia patients